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The Keltec KSG 12 Guage Pump-Action Shotgun – Specs: 7lbs, 18.5″ Barrel, 26″ Overall Length, Holds 15 Shells, Ambitextrous Functions, Ejects from lower portion of receiver The KSG’s cool design features twin tubes on a pump action that each hold 7 shells. With one in the chamber, the shotgun carries 15. Gunblastdotcom tests the KSG …

Lots of awesomeness going on in the video. First, a Keltec KSG with Salvo 12 Suppressor is demonstrated, followed by a Century Arms C39v2 with Griffin Armament Recce 7 Suppressor. Both demos include thermal imaging. Check out the thermal difference on the C39v2 AK with the FTW HAD Supressor Cover!