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taurus raging judge

In this Full Review of the Raging Judge, we go over all the Specs. We do Ballistic Testing of all 3 calibers it shoots(410./45LC/.454 Casull). Also, we set somethings on fire with 410 dragons breath.

Chambered in  .454 Casull/45 Long Colt/.410, the Taurus Raging Judge is a big gun! What happens when the Empire arrives to confiscate it? Things do not go well for this Stormtrooper, especially given the specialty ammunition and exploding targets. KABOOM! Taurus Raging [email protected]… ______________________________________ Buy InTheRed Exploding Targets @ ________________________________________­_____ —Go Checkout Our …

Taurus RAGING Judge – the bigger Judge! Watch what .410 Birdshot, .410 Winchester PDX1 Self-Defense rounds, 45 Long Colt Flat-Nose rounds, 45 Long Colt Hornady Hollow Point Critical Defense rounds, and .454 Casull Flat Lead-Nose Slugs do to watermelons!