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Has killing become too easy? This is unreal! In spring of 2013, Texas-based start up TrackingPoint Solutions released the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range, laser-guided robo rifle. Call it the gun of tomorrow: The technology is so advanced we’ve heard it can have beginners killing at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy …

500 Yard No-Look Rifle Shot With Android-Enabled Goggles And TrackingPoint. Sick!

Incredible! This guy makes a 500 yard shot with his head turned, wearing Android-enabled ski goggles!   500 Yard No-Look Rifle Shot With Android Using TrackingPoint Shotview Posted by Best Guns on Friday, March 4, 2016

“Those 10 guns will feel like 200 to the enemy,” said John McHale, the company’s chief executive officer. If you have not experienced TrackingPoint’s precision guided firearms, you are about to be astounded. The sighting system is much like a fighter pilot’s “missile lock” or any number of gadgets that Tony Stark uses in his …

The TrackingPoint utilizes jet fighter “lock and launch” technology on a rifle. This system uses a convention rifle with conventional ammo. and adds a network tracking scope, a tag button, and a guided trigger to execute precision shots. Check out the Heads Up Display on this .338 Lapua!

This is designed for hunters? The TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firing System is password protected, uses a linux-based network tracking scope, possesses streaming capability, video sharing capability, and more… The system can connect to other hunters or even remote glasses to allow a shooter to fire from a distance. Is this the future of shooting?