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AR-15 – Lightweight Upper Build – Battle Arms (Pt. 2) In this video, I talk about the Battle Arms Development lightweight billet upper receiver, the components I use to build mine and show how to install each part as well. This video is part 2 of 2. Part 1:…                       Like and Share!

AR-15 – Lightweight Lower Build – Battle Arms This is part 1 of 2 and consists of building my Battle Arms Development lightweight lower receiver. Part 2 is building the upper receiver. I go over each component that I use and how to install each component as well. Like and Share!

NRA Gun Of The Week: Ruger 22 Charger Take down Pistol American Rifleman’s Brian Sheetz demonstrates the .22 Ruger Charger Takedown pistol at the NRA Headquarters range. Enjoy. Like. Share!

First Shots with the Grand Power K100 and P11 Watch James Yeager use the 12 ft to 1 inch  method with these two great handguns.   This method is a quick way to show that it is easy to hit a human size target at 100 yds. Enjoy. Like. Share!

EDC Mini Get Home Kit : The Essentials Sensible Prepper Presents: The EDC Mini Get Home Kit. Just the Essentials. Enjoy. Like. Share!

Shooting 8″ swinging plates with different calibers to see the difference in reaction. This is not meant to be very scientific, but it’s something subscribers have asked for. Most people know by now that the “knock-down” and “stopping power” talk is often goofy and irrelevant. Here, I’m just showing, for whatever it’s worth, how much …

Jamie Hyneman is going to go up against a gun with a throwing knife. Knife Throwing 101 | Mythbusters   The old Gun vs Knife battle! Hope you Enjoy!

Effective range 60 yds. And that’s remarkable for a pocket pistol. This was proven in TNP through tactical drills. Some great pistol designs can do this too, but like the XDS they have design elements done right. In another one-of-a-kind tabletop, you will see and learn all about the outstanding Springfield XDS design. In enters …

Game of Drones – Aerial Combat Design & Engineering   Ah Yes Drone war fair we are definitely in the 21st century now!  Enjoy this clip of what is to come for war fighting.  I hope they make all air-frames this durable on drones soon. Like and Share

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Maxpedition Compact Range Bag Review. This has been my Go to Range bag for over 3 years and it’s built like a tank. Durable, high quality and a load of features. Get a 10% discount when purchasing any product on the Maxpedition Website.   Hope you enjoyed this video.