Terms of Use

Accepting the Terms of Use

The motive of Weapon’s Media is to act as a web magazine for its users where users can publish pictures and videos related to weapons. Please go through our Terms of Use in detail which is actually an “Agreement” which comes into play directly if any users, registered or non-registered, uses of website. Anyone accessing or surfing through Weapon’s Media automatically abides by this agreement of Terms of Use!

Access to services of Weapon’s Media

A service here on Weapon’s Media may refer to any of the feature, database or content being offered on our website. All our services are limited to be viewable and usable on the website only. Weapon’s Media has the right to make any changes in the terms of use with or without intimation to its users. However, our subscribers will be intimated about any such change through email notification.

Anyone using Weapon’s Media must abide by the Terms of Use of the website and these automatically implies to all visitors and users who surf through the portal. Legal age here refers to the minimum age required for a person to surf on, subscribe or watch the content on Weapon’s Media. We strongly recommend only those who are 18 years old or more to access Weapon’s Media. Any minor under the age of 18 must not provide his or her personal information to us including name and email address.

Minors subscribing, contacting or registering on the Weapon’s Media by faking their age are fully responsible for their act. Weapon’s Media is not responsible for any minor who selects the Terms of Use while subscribing or using our website whatsoever. Depending on the laws of the state you live in, the age restriction might be different than the one stated. Therefore you are required to submit to your country’s laws on legal age of consent, and act accordingly.

Content on Weapon’s Media

We serve content collected from all around the web due to the nature of our website being a web publishing service. We also have user submitted content in our database which is solely submitted by the user. Weapon’s Media makes sure that no copyrighted content gets posted on our website and even if it does then we have got permission to do it with full credits to the original creator.

However, if you find any copyrighted content posted on our website then you can Contact Us and we will work over and get it removed from our website. All the source codes, logos, tools, information etc. are the property of Weapon’s Media and cannot be used on any other website without our consent or authorization. The user is free to download any content from the website until the copyright terms are complied with and no fringes are made.

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