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The Real Top 10 9mm Handguns in the World

The Real Top 10 9mm Handguns in the World

These are my picks for the ten best 9mm handguns in the world. “Best” is of course a subjective term, and in this case I don’t really mean “best” for concealed carry, or “best” for taking a Costa Ludus class. These are the best for my purposes at the range, and probably for many others, too. Warning: my tastes tend towards the hipster snob and I’m not pretending to limit these to budget guns available at Bud’s.

There’s a trend to many of the comments, so I’ll address them and hopefully save us both time:

Q: Should have called it “Top 10 Range Guns,” liar!
A: Do you go to all the other Top 10 lists full of Glocks and CZs and say they should be called “Top 10 Generic and Interchangeable Combat 9mms?” No? Think about why not and maybe you’ll understand. This video is titled “GUN HIPSTER EDITION” for a specific reason.

Q: Hay idiot, where’s the Glock/Hi-Power/92fs?!!1!
A: As indicated extremely clearly by the title, this list is for gun savvy hipsters who want to hear about guns that aren’t on literally every single other Top 10 list out there. Also, believe it or not, better shooting guns exist, and these count among them. It’s Porsches and Ferraris and Astons vs Mazdas and Fords and Dodges. More to the point, shoot a Glock 19 and then a Sig X5 or X6 and tell me which one shoots better.

Q: More like “Top 10 guns you own and want to show off, bozo!!!”
A: I own a lot more than these. I’ve shot even more. The ones on this list are just better, IN MY OPINION, as the description states.

Q: What makes these better than my Hi-Power/Glock/etc., moran!!
A: Guns on this list have qualities such as: superlative triggers, excellent ergos, perfect reliability, top-shelf build quality, extreme accuracy, and enjoyable shooting characteristics. Does your favorite combat 9mm have these, too? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a gun that does it better. As the description clearly states, this list is not about concealed carry or those epic gun battles you surely find yourself in every day.

Q: Heh, this dumb snob doesn’t even have a CZ75 on there.
A: Literally the first gun in the list is a Swiss-made CZ75.

Q: Ur stupid for not having a Luger/Hi-Power, that’s the original 9mm!!
A: Completely irrelevant. These guns are better at shooting and history is not a factor in that.

Q: Uhhhh the reason that other video has millions of views is because it has guns people can actually afford.
A: I don’t care that much about that guy’s list (even though it has a TAURUS on there), it’s more that it’s a poorly done robot narration of Wikipedia entries over random low-res images he found on Google. Also, price is not a factor if you’re trying to determine what the best shooting guns are.

Q: The military and police departments don’t use these guns so they’re obviously trash!!
A: Military and LEO have a lot of other considerations besides “what shoots the best” (and many of those considerations don’t apply to civilians), and are particularly budget conscious.

Q: These guns are unreliable and jam all the time!
A: Every gun on here has been 100% for me. If you think only combat-oriented guns can be reliable, you need to get out more.

Q: This list is stupid, nobody can buy these guns but you can buy a Glock anywhere~!!
A: First off, almost all of them are pretty easily available. Not super cheaply, but that’s not the point. Second, completely irrelevant if you’re just interesting in knowing what the best performing guns off the beaten path are.

Q: Ummmm if you shoot a CZ75B/Glock/M&P/etc., you’ll discover that it is actually the best 9mm.
A: I have shot them, among many others, and sorry, these are better.

Q: You can’t carry any of these!
A: So what? You don’t have to carry every gun you own. And btw, you can actually carry quite a few of these just fine.

Q: Where’s the P210!
A: They are good, great even, but I think the ergonomics are terrible. Feel free to mentally replace the PX4 with the P210 on my list, though.That’s about where I’d put it.

If you’re still upset that your Glock isn’t on here, check the related links for 20 other Top 10 videos that no doubt have your gun in them.


10. Sphinx AT2000S
9. Benelli B76/MP3S
8. Beretta Px4 Storm
7. HK P7 series
6. HK P9S series
4. S&W PPC9
3. HK USP series
2. SIG X5/X6
1. Pardini GT9

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