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The “ROLLS ROYCE” of Rifles – 6mm PPC “RAIL GUNS”

TAOFLEDERMAUS – Why would a 6mm PPC Rail Gun be likened to a Rolls Royce? How’s this for starters? At 200 yards, these rail guns shoot 5 round groups almost in the same hole!

They are expensive and a look at some of their features explains why. Trigger pull is normally measured in pounds. These guns have 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce trigger pull weight – a measurement in OUNCES! The barrel has a large 1.25-inch diameter with about a 6mm bore – heavy and accurate. These guns put a life-long shooter into a whole new category.

Watch the video below to see these incredible high-end firearms in action!

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    The “ROLLS ROYCE” of Rifles – 6mm PPC “RAIL GUNS” – Weapons Media

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    The “ROLLS ROYCE” of Rifles – 6mm PPC “RAIL GUNS” – Weapons Media

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    The “ROLLS ROYCE” of Rifles – 6mm PPC “RAIL GUNS” – Weapons Media

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