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This Stick Can Explode an Entire House: Bangalore Torpedo

Daily Military Defense & Archive – US Engineer Battalion doing breaching training with the powerful Bangalore Torpedo charge.

This weapon is the same used during the beach scene of “Saving Private Ryan” film.

The Bangalore torpedo is an explosive charge placed at the end of a long telescopic tube. It’s used by the military genius to shoot down obstacles that would otherwise require their direct exposure, perhaps under fire. It is sometimes colloquially referred to as Bangalore mine, firecracker or simply Bangalore. It is estimated that modern Bangalore torpedo is effective to clear a path through son and mines up to 15 meters long and 1 meter wide.

Bangalore torpedo was designed by Captain McClintock of the army of British India Unit Madras Sappers and minor use in Bangalore , India, in 1912 . He invented as a way to blow the barricades traps left by the Boer War and the Russo-Japanese War . The Bangalore torpedo would explode a mine without the sapper come closer than three meters (ten feet).

Bangalore torpedoes are being made ​​by the Global Defense Systems Poole , for the UK and the US armed forces. They have been recently used in operations in Afghanistan for actions such as cleaning supply depots enemies inside deep caves networks.

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