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Top 10: Best Assault Rifles

Weapon’s Media TOP 10 Assault Rifles list is finally here. In this list we bring some of the best assault rifles modern warfare has to offer. Although TOP 10 Assault Rifles list portrayed in this video are based on personal believes by YouTube user Bennett (Crow) we came to agree – this is the most complete list of TOP 10 Assault Rifles available on YouTube that includes most of the assault rifles every TOP 10 list should contain:

With Deawoo K11 taking the first place and SCAR only second, we feel great injustice have been done to HK416. HK416 is placed quite low on this list as number 4. We hold this rifle much more useful than that and would like to see it a few places up. But then again, Deawoo K11 is indeed modern assault rifle that can deliver amazing results.

Thoughts on this list? What is your number one assault rifle? Do you agree with Top 10 Assault Rifles list? Share your thoughts with us, please.

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