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Top 10: Best Jet Fighter Planes

It is Weapon’s Media pleasure to bring you guys, yet another Top 10 YouTube video. In this video we will be showing Top 10 – Jet Fighter Planes. Yes, these jet fighters are the top of the line when it comes to modern warfare jet fighters and the best what 21st century technology has to offer in air dominion fights. For all of you who are interested what is number one jet fighter in the world we bring you the following video:

Indeed F-22 Raptor (US AirForce) is the prime jet fighter in today’s modern world. After watching this video we can all agree, the F-22 Raptor is true masterpiece and although Russian SU-35s jet fighter came close second it lacks some of the top features that Raptor possesses.

Do you guys agree? Is F-22 Raptor number one jet fighter on your list too? What else would you change? Tell us and elaborate, we would like to hear your opinions on Top 10 – Jet Fighter Planes.

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