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Top 10 Most BRUTAL Military Drills in the World

We all know that if you want to join the armed forces of your respective country you must undergo some rigorous training before you are considered qualified. For the majority of us, the thought of waking up before sunrise, going for a long run in the cold and rain and having a rather abrasive drill instructor yell at us for most of the day is a bit too much to take.

Basic training aside, even fewer of us would be able to cut it trying to tackle the specialized training required by the various armed forces. Such training goes far beyond multi-mile runs and an obstacle course. These drills really push human endurance to the edge – both physically and mentally.

In the world of strenuous military training and drills some stand out over others. To make their soldiers a bit more prepared, a little stronger or mentally tougher, some nations’ armed forces have a drill or two that really seems over the top. In certain instances, observers can be left wondering why on earth anyone would voluntarily endure such a brutal practice. From regular forces to special units, these following military drills definitely qualify as brutal. Potentially causing physical or mental harm, some of these drills come potentially close to killing those involved. It’s all enough to make most of us appreciate our boring office job just that little bit more.

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    Top 10 Most BRUTAL Military Drills in the World – Weapons Media

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