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U.S. Air Force Stealth UAV Armed With Laser Gun

This latest innovation is designed to use a laser to take out Russia’s S-400 defense system. The laser gun is cool but not all that this UAV is capable of carrying.

Other possibilities include:

Internal weapons bay with 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg) capacity. 6 external hardpoints. 6,500 pounds (2,900 kg) payload total.

AGM-114P Hellfire missiles
GBU-39 SDB – 250 lb bombs
GBU-12 Paveway II, GBU-38 JDAM – 500 lb bombs
GBU-16 Paveway II, GBU-32 JDAM – 1000 lb bombs
GBU-31 JDAM – 2000 lb bombs

And it is stealthy?

I wonder what else we have hidden away…

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