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US Marine Weapons Master Instructor ‘4 Reasons I Don’t Trust The 1911 With My Life’

This retired US Marine Infantryman and Combat Weapons Master Instructor knows his stuff… and he does not trust the 1911 platform for self-defense?

His reasons why may surprise you!

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  1. Zeek
    January 14, 2020

    So–what DO you carry?

  2. CO
    January 14, 2020

    I get asked a lot what the best gun is for defensive carry.
    My advice is that guns are like shoes. You need what fits you best. Try out several at a gun store with a range.
    Then consider what environment you will be in that may require higher cap mags, larger caliber, concealabllity, etc.

  3. January 14, 2020

    Anything I carry, revolver or automatic, is double action. That is safe to carry with the hammer down and the safety off due to the long trigger pull on the first shot.

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