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Veterans Hilariously Respond To Facebook Banning Gun Sales

Military veterans know how to respect authority, and they know how to question it, as well. Sometimes, they can even outsmart it! No doubt, these veterans are getting the best of Facebook and the new “Gun Sales Ban.”

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H/t to PopularMilitary for the find

Last week Facebook decided to take measures to prohibit the private sale of guns on any of its social media sites. Facebook has been one of the most popular places for the private sales of many goods and services, but firearms will be no more, or so Facebook thinks.

The New York Times Editorial board, which is known for its liberal stance on firearm legislation, stated, “Facebook’s decision last week to prohibit private gun sales on its social networking site and on its photo-sharing app Instagram should make it harder for convicted felons and other dangerous people to acquire deadly weapons. That’s a very good thing, especially considering the unwillingness of lawmakers in Congress to enact sensible gun safety policies.”

Many veterans and 2nd amendment supporters have gone to Facebook to show Facebook how easy it is to bypass any measures they take to ban, restrict, or inhibit private sales.  The tactics are no different than any others being used today for the sale of illegal goods.

For example, an image (below) with a gun hidden could be posted on a local Facebook page set up for the private sale of goods and services.

Facebook ban gun

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