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[VIDEO] 9MM Ruger Polycase ARX Ammo Review

Extensive review of the 9mm polymer/copper composite ARX bullet produced by POLYCASE for Ruger. Review includes multiple representations of the FBI testing protocol, offering comparisons to established street-proven cartridges.

There are several positives about this ammo compared to the multiple lead-free options now on the market…..cost, availability, well-produced and clean product, accurate velocities, low flash, soft recoil. Those factors will be attractive to folks looking for self-defense ammo.

However, the FBI testing protocol in this video is NOT something the ARX bullet was designed for compared to the capabilities of premium JHP’s. This obviously narrows Ruger’s market for interested buyers, but there is a market for lead-free ammo. Not everyone plans on encountering barriers in a self-defense scenario; just an agitated, aggressive, and life-threatening individual intent on causing bodily harm or worse. You have to ask yourself if the capabilities presented by the ARX (any ammo option for that matter) would suffice for your comfort level in that scenario. –tnoutdoors9

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