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[WATCH] 11-Year-Old Carly Hits Milk Jug With 1 Shot at 1000 Yards! LRSU Milk Jug Challenge

School Gun Safety Proposal Advances In Legislature

1,000 Yards is no joke! This 11-year-old girl knows her rifle…

Rules of the Challenge:
1. LRSU official & another witness as spotters.
2. 10 shots total are allowed. Shooter has no more than 10 mins to prep & shoot once their name is called.
3. Must be captured on LRSU video & posted to LRSU channel.
4. Shooter must complete the 1000 yard challenge before moving on to the 1200, 1500 and 1760.
5. Shooter may make up to three attempts per day with no less than 30 minutes between attempts.
6. Successful shooters receive a LRSU a Milk Jug Challenge Decal for each challenge completed. Complete the 1000,1200 & 1500 yard challenges is a LRSU Slam & the shooter will receive an LRSU MJC Slam T-shirt. Complete the 1760 yard challenge also for a grand slam and LRSU Grand Slam Hoodie. (Subject to change)

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