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[WATCH] Here Is How An Armed Self-Defender Stopped A Carjacking

Could you have protected yourself as well as this self-defender did? We love posting videos of the good guy winning at Active Self Protection, and the lessons in this carjacking (or perhaps armed robbery) are many! What do you take away from this incident?

Original video: (if you find any back story on this one, please send it to me so I can update!)

How do I protect myself from a carjacking?

1. Situational awareness is your best friend. It doesn’t mean that you always are paranoid or living in “condition orange,” but it does mean that you know Col. Cooper’s color code of awareness and you live by it. Pay attention to your surroundings, and recognize that when you’re in public places you need to be more aware of your surroundings than when you’re in private. This man clearly was paying attention to what was going on around him, and it likely saved him death or serious bodily harm! –Active Self Protection

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