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[WATCH] Taser Shotgun Slug — Rioters Were Shocked When They Saw This

I would not want to meet up with one of these!

Raw Dog Tactical reports:

As much as everyone loves the wild west mentality of “shoot first ask questions later,” it’s not always an option in the real world, especially for law enforcement. Since the development of rubber slugs and bean bags, LEOs have been working to achieve a “less lethal” round that can be used to incapacitate a suspect from a distance. Tasers have come a long way, but they don’t quite have the reach. When you’re dealing with a naked man throwing fecal matter into a crowd, you don’t want to get any closer than you absolutely have to. That’s were the shotgun taser slug comes into play. There’s nothing enjoyable about getting shot by one of these bad boys.

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