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[WATCH] World’s Most Powerful Airgun vs. Concrete Block!

This air rifle is the AirForce Texan, so named because that’s the home of AirForce Airguns, and everything is bigger in Texas.

It’s a PCP or pre-charged pneumatic rifle that shoots 45 caliber slugs with about the power of a 45 Colt centerfire cartridge. Capable of generating up to 500ft-lbs of kinetic energy, the Texan is currently the world’s most powerful production air rifle.


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  1. Gates
    March 12, 2016

    Is the reason you’re selling a stronger air gun because you think center fire might become illegal if some politicians get their way and circumvent the 2nd amendment? hope not, we will fight them.

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    [WATCH] World’s Most Powerful Airgun vs. Concrete Block! – Weapons Media

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