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What’s Your Favorite Glock?

Our friend from YouTube hickok45 was kind enough to lend us this amazing video in which he compares, displays, discusses, & shoots 8 popular Glock models. Although some of you might find this video a little bit too long (41:09 minutes in length), we find it sweet and educational. In any case we hope you will enjoy this video and share your thoughts after watching. Have fun guys!

After watching this full blown documentary we can not but feel adrenalin kicking in. All handguns displayed in this videos look, feel and sound amazing. One of my personal favorite is Glock G32 and seeing it in action is just what doctor subscribed.

Feel free to share with us what are you favorite Glock models. And we also want to hear your thoughts on “Glock Top Models” video. So don’t hesitate and shoot away!

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