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XM25 25mm Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System AKA “The Punisher”

Jaglavak Military – Two infantry units within the 101st Airborne Division were issued the XM25 in November 2010. According to an Army After-Action review, the XM-25 fired 55 rounds in nine firefights between Dec. 3 and January 12. The first unit fired 28 rounds in four troops in contact (TIC)s, the second unit fired 27 rounds in five TICs.

In one engagement, the XM25 fire disrupted two insurgent attacks against an combat observation post, destroying one PKM machine gun position in one of those attacks.

The XM-25 also destroyed four ambush sites during engagements on dismounted foot patrols or movements to contact. In one instance, the 25mm HE round exploded on a PKM gunner. He was either wounded and fled or scared and fled, but dropped his machine gun, which soldiers later recovered.

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